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I’m SKB. An IT professional during weekdays and a blogger by weekends. I'm from India and currently living in United States with my husband. 
After admiring and following the beautiful work of other bloggers, I started my own in late 2012. But between new job, relocation to States and other responsibilities, the blog took a hit and I couldn't keep up with it back then.

In 2016, the blogging bug hit me again and I wanted to give it another try. So here I am!! sharing my love for fashion, food and travel.

:: Fashion ::
I love fashion!! I'm still trying to explore my own style. By no means I'm an fashion expert or consider myself a fashionista. I try my best with whatever I've available, that fits my day to day life. like to wear what I like and what makes me happy! This blog is just a journal of my daily style.
:: Food ::
I love food!! I live to eat. I love throwing parties and more than that I love cooking. Its my stress buster. So occassionaly you will see some recipes from my kitchen too.

:: Travel :: 
I love to travel!! My 9-5 job sometimes comes up in my way of my love for travel but I try to get out and explore as much as possible. So you will see some of my travel journals too in between

:: Post Frequency ::
I try to post once a week but if we get lucky you will see two too. So lets see how it goes.

:: Say Hi to me ::
Thank you for taking your time to read this out and visiting my blog. If you like to say or have suggestions, feel free to drop me a note at justbymee@gmail.comI hope you like my space!!

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