Happy New Year, Everyone!!! Here's to first day of this beautiful amazing year 2017. I'm so hopeful and positive for this year. In my heart, I feel like this will be my year. Year of positivity, love, happiness, success, discipline, new habits and belief that something wonderful is about to happen. 

I want to embrace this year. Do things that I've never done before. Push my limits to find myself. To explore and be a better version of myself. I've never been a new-year-resolution kinda girl which is something I'm going to change this year. So below are my 2017 resolutions that I would like to accomplish- 

Every Moment of 2017

  • See the good in everything. Everything.
  • Learn to let go of things and live for the present.
  • Be Happy.
  • Be grateful.
  • Be thankful.
  • Spread love and positivity.
Get Organized

  • To-do List - I live by to-do lists. I've one for workplace and one for home. However, at times, despite of having them I fail in completing those tasks. So this year, in order to check the tasks off, I'm bringing a small change. I'm going to write my to-do list for next day one day before. For workplace, before leaving the office and for home, before going to bed. This will help to think, prioritize and check the tasks off the list.

  • Home maintenance - I love to keep my home clean and organized. With my job sometimes, it becomes difficult to keep up with. I cannot sleep with dirty dishes in the sink and shoes lying on the floor. Not that it never happens but when it does its always at back of my mind haunting me. Throughout 2016, I made my bed, cleaned home, washed dishes etc only after coming right from office as I was rushing in the morning to get to the office at time. So this year, I'm starting small with making the bed first thing in morning. Who doesn't love a good made up bed!!

  • Purchase Plans - I used to be an impulse shopper, not anymore. I like to write the stuff I would like to buy and then over the course of months I buy them without breaking my bank. This also helps me to not to be a hoarder as the last thing I want to deal with loads of crap stuff while moving. I currently live in an apartment which in turns helps me to not go overboard. My plan is to get that list ready this week and start checking off the items as we move into the year. 

  • Travel Plans - I love traveling (who doesn't) As far as Travel is considered, I'm both an planned and impromptu traveller. I like the detail planning as well sometimes to go without a plan at a short notice. Its the start of month which means its a good time to lay out my travel plans and things I would like to check off from my bucket list. I already have one 😁. This May I'm going to watch Nascar something I've never ever seen. So much looking forward to it.

Get Disciplined

  • Fitness - In December 2016, I took small steps to get active and fit. I plan to continue the same this year. My goal is to get into consistent workout mode and shed extra pounds.

  • Diet - If I'm hungry and there is nothing precooked, I tend to eat anything in front of me whether its healthy or junk, mostly it turns out to be junk. This year, my goal is to get into meal planning and stick to it.

  • Morning Person - I'm a night owl. I've never ever been an morning person. Its always a struggle for me to drag myself out of bed in the morning which in turns always disturbs my day activities and cut short off time. So my goal this year is to start waking up early, do the workouts in the morning, eat breakfast, take shower, get ready and leave for office at 8:30 AM. 

Learn New

  • Career - I love my job and would like to enhance my skill set. I work in IT industry which is constantly changing and if I don't keep up with the new technologies, I will be left far off. This year, my goal is to learn one programming language and one automation tool. I won't go in detail around which ones as that will be too geeky.

  • Hobby - I love taking pictures. I love photography. However, I'd like to improve my photography skills. This year, my goal is to make camera my best friend in my visual journey.

MEE Time

  • I want to make more time for myself whether its taking extra minutes getting ready in the morning or reading a book or enjoying a cup of coffee. Just some my time :)

Are you into New Year's resolutions? If yes, would love to hear your resolutions and how do you make those happen? Any secrets? I'm all ears.

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