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A beautiful dress caught my eye and I took it to the fitting room imagining where, when and how I will wear it during the holidays. I was so excited but within minutes, everything fall apart when I couldn't get it all the way up. It was my size but didn't worked and looked ugly on me. Its not that it happened for the first time to me but my emotions were so high during those minutes that made me cringe looking at the person I was seeing.

I’ve always been a happy go lucky person, never bothered by my appearance or weight. I was happy with myself in my own little world. However, that change somewhere this year. I wasn't happy with myself anymore. Everything around me is perfect, the way I always wanted it to be. Beautiful loving family, amazing husband, good job…basically whatever is needed to be contented non materialistically. Except ME. I was lethargic, lazy, living day by day and working as a robot. To bring my sanity back, I much needed a change with my lifestyle and the dressing room encounter just pushed me to make up my mind for the nth time. I made FITNESS my best friend. 

Over last decade, I went from size 4 to size 12. In 2014, I relocated to India and with time in hand to kill, I joined a gym and started working out. It worked and I dropped 20 pounds. My size dropped from size 12 to size 6. In 2015, new job brought me back to States after living a year and a half in India. With relocation, new job, setting up home, my health took a hit again and I started gaining weight again. From size 6, I am almost back to size 12 due to bad eating habits and no physical movement.

I love fashion. I love clothes. I love shoes. But it is heartbreaking to stand every day in from of the closet and knowing nothing fits me anymore. I’m not shaming any size or saying one form of body is better than other. I’m saying what I like and how I would like to see myself. This may be wrong for someone but it is right for me. I want to be healthy, active and few pounds lighter.

I started my fitness journey this Sunday 12/17/16 with whatever I knew around fitness. The only thing that was hugh for me to make myself accountable and stick to regimen this time was to put myself out on the social media(Instagram). I’m not a shy person but neither I’m a social media person. 

So from now on, I’m going to post my daily workout snapshot on Instagram and a weekly roundup on my blog. Below is the recap for 12/18/16 - 12/24/16. 


1 (12/18/16 - 12/24/16)
- 1 lb
156.4 lb
155.4 lb


Below are the workouts I started with. I kept it simple as I wanted my first week to be the warm up week.

  • Elliptical or Treadmill -  Everyday for 30 mins
  • Warmup workouts:
      • Neck rolls - 15 reps
      • Arm rolls - 15 reps
      • Mid back turns -  15 reps on each side
      • Side bends - 15 reps on each side
      • Bent over twist - 15 reps on each side
      • Toe touches - 15 reps
      • High kicks - 15 reps on each side
      • Alternating side lunges - 15 reps on each side
      • Toe rolls - 15 reps on each side
  • Workouts:
      • Side leg raises - 15 reps on each side
      • Back leg  raises - 15 reps on each side
      • Squats - 15 reps
      • Sumo squats - 15 reps
      • Lunges - 15 reps on each side
      • Crunches - 15 reps
      • Cross crunches - 15 reps on each side
      • Bicycle crunches - 15 reps on each side
      • Side crunches - 15 reps on each side
      • Leg raises - 15 reps
      • Half leg raises - 15 reps
      • Side leg raises - 15 reps on each side

Thank you so much for reading. If you have any suggestions or advice, please feel free to drop me an comment. I sure can use one :)

DisclaimerI’m not a doctor or fitness expert. The purpose of my post is to share my experiences with fitness and life—not to dole out advice. When it comes to your health and fitness, please do your research.
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