Pumpkin Patchin'

**Caution - Heavy image post**
Last weekend I checked off one more item from my bucket list 'Pumpkin Patch' and boy! it was so much fun. Hubs and I looked around the nearby pumpkin farms and settled on 'Center Groove Orchard' farm located in Cambridge IA. I'm so glad we chose this farm as it was a perfect day out location filled with hayrides, farm animals, good food and so much more! You can't agree more after seeing the pictures. If you are in Iowa area, I highly recommend Center Groove Orchard. Its very well maintained, beautiful with amazing staff.   
After we bought our ticket, which by the way was reasonably priced for the fest, we decided to hit the pumpkin patch. There were these yellow cute pumpkin carts all over the farm to carry the pumpkins and I saw little kids using it for ride too, which was really cute.

We took a hayride to get to the patch. I had the farm feeling riding it and was so much fun. On our way, we saw corn maze, apple orchard and CGO express train.

And finally we were at Pumpkin Patch!! I picked only small white pumpkins from the farm as I wanted to see and enjoy the rest of the farm after the patch. We stayed there for an hour, clicked some obligatory pumpkin pics and enjoyed the crisp fresh air.

After spending an hour in patch, it was lunch time and we decided to fuel us up before looking around the rest. Since I don't eat bacon or pork, our only option was 'Shucks'. I took my favorite Caprese sandwich and Hubs went with Chicken stripes. In all, it was not bad for the farm. They have many small cute named eateries within farm, all serving different varieties. Check out below.
After fueling us up, we decided to explore the other parts of the farm which mainly involved corn pool, farm animals, kids tracks, kids maze, apple sling shot(which I did too), jumping pillow and so much more. Its definitely a good place for the kiddos and the adults with kids spirit.
After few hours, the day started to worn off us and we decided to call it a day. On our exit, we picked up some fresh organic farm apple, farm made peanut butter and apple cider donuts. By the way, per Hubs the donuts were yum. 
In all, it was a day well spent and I can't wait to go there next year too. I hope you liked my visual journey. Thanks for reading!!
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  1. Looks like so much fun! Too bad Australia isn't as into pumpkins/halloween.

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    1. Yeah, it was really fun! I don't have any thing like this back home(India) either so was a new and good experience. Thank you!

  2. How fun is this! This is why I love fall because of the pumpkin patching and festivities!


    1. I couldn't agree with you more :) Thanks for stopping by!!


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