My Favorite Fragnances

During my teens, Perfumes was one of the things that I tried first over cosmetics. The legacy of being a perfume maniac runs in my family....everyone right from parents, thing we all never forget to use before leaving home. Today I am sharing few of current favorites with you. 

To be honest, I don't understand the difference between the different notes that are there on perfume package. I simply spray a little on a paper strip and if I like, I buy it. Its as simple as that. Few lucky ones, can tell you which perfume you are wearing even from a distance. Amazing huh...I lack in that department. In last fifteen years, there are only two perfumes I can smell from a distance, Chanel and Dior J'adore. I just cant keep up with the fragrances (bad smell buds) so I keep switching my perfumes now and then. Am I weird or does it happen with you too?

One of my absolute favorite. The one on which I get maximum compliments. I am not sure if you can make out in the above picture that the bottle is empty. I just finished it out last week but wanted to share with you.


Bombshell was my first Victoria's secret perfume and because I loved it so much I wanted to try different fragrance from the brand. So I bought Dreams Angels Forever. I bought it somewhere May but did not get a chance to open it. Now when I looked it online, I couldn't find it. Looks like it was some limited edition one.


This came in a beautiful nice package and was a combo of pretty golden perfume bottle with body lotion. The fragrance is more on sensual side, little strong but not overwhelming , feminine, grown up kinda and with great lasting powers. Perfect for date nights.

Even the body lotion smells amazing and quite moisturizing at the same time. Since it is more of a travel size, I take it out on special days or during travels.


This is one of the perfumes I sampled the most every time I was at Sephora. I have tried it at least fifteen times before buying it. I absolutely love this perfume. This has wonderful staying power - lasts all day and night. This one smells fresh and breezy.
What are your favorites? Care to share??
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