Niagara river Jet boat tour

Over the past long weekend, we took an awesome road trip all the way to "Niagara Falls". Niagara falls was on my must-to-visit-wish-list for quite long and finally we did it. It was one of the most memorable and awesome trip I had so far. We made quite a long drive of approx 14 hours towards falls on early Saturday, crossing so many cities like Chicago, Joliet, Cleveland, San dusky etc. with beautiful scenery to look around and small stopovers.

After reaching Niagara, we did not do anything for the rest of day and just relaxed in the hotel as we had something equally exciting to do early next morning. "Whirlpool Water Jet Boat Tour" in Niagara river. If you are not sacred of water and speed, I suggest to try this one. Totally worth it.

On Sunday, we traveled to our boarding point "Lewiston" a small historic point from Niagara falls. I immediately fell in love with the city. Its so beautiful and scenic with Canada on the other side, small boutiques, beautiful restaurant buildings and lots of flowers. We were so excited for our ride that forgot to take any pictures of the city itself. After the ride, we were all drenched in water and it made sense to go back to hotel for a changeover rather than running like a soaked lunatic in the city. 

Keeping the water activity in mind, I choose to dress accordingly to avoid any faux pas. You know the see through kinda situations. Below are some random shots that we managed to took in between.
So here is what I wore with minimal and functional accessories. A simple shorts and tee for keeping me comfortable and functional with sports shoes and a cross body bag. Added a little bit of fun & color by my mustache necklace and violet colored sunglasses.

  Tee : Gap (buy here
  Shorts : Gap (similar
 Shoes : Nike (similar)
Sunglasses : Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar)  
Necklace : Mustache (similar)  
Handbag : (similar)

A small video of Jet boat tour. It was fun, adventurous and a little scary in together. Something to try once in a lifetime. Let me know what do you think.

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