NIAgara FAlls

Next day, we went to see what we came for "Niagara Falls". As we did not had legal visa's to enter Canada, we stayed on the American side. If you have no legal issues, I would suggest to go on to the Canada Side and stay at one of the hotels located almost on falls. 

Everywhere around the falls, views were breathtakingly amazing. The state park is beautiful and if you are a morning person and nature lover, you will not feel like coming back. I wanted to sit there for hours during early morning with hot coffee but the crowd was insane on the labor day weekend.  People were waiting patiently for an hour in a line to get into Cave of Winds and Maid of Mist boat Ride. Seeing that, we dropped our idea to see both Cave of Winds and Maid of Mist boat on the weekend and decided to check that first thing on Monday morning. I am so glad we did that. On Monday, we did not had to wait even for five minutes and with less crowd we took our whole time to enjoy this beauty of mother nature. 

We were enjoying so much,the beautiful green scenery with falls in the back dropping with a gushing sound and creating a breeze up high, that we forgot to take any pics. So please enjoy few of the clicks we managed to take on the day of our return.

American falls with U Falls in backdrop
Cave of Winds - right under the American Falls
Maid of Mist Boat ride - Almost near the U Falls

For Travel, comfort always comes over fashion for me. I wanted something that was comfortable for an 14 hour long drive back home yet chic so I opted for the shirt dress. The good thing, it has pockets :)

For me travel means, a nice and comforting outfit that can go long all day without worrying about color, stains, creases etc. A big handbag to carry all the stuffs, flyers, camera, wallets, water bottle(must), tissues. And minimal jewellery.

A nice and must-must for me, good pair of shoes. I get blisters very easily even after an hour of walk even with good branded shoes. So for me its either sports shoes or fit flops. I ordered these fit flops before the trip as I did not wanted to ruin trip due to me and these are the best shoes of my life in comfort. Trust me. I love them so much that I am going to buy them in orange color too.

::Outfit details::

Dress : Gap (Similar)
Bag : Rebecca Minkoff (Similar)
Fitflops : Same (Buy here)

Few more nature clicks......

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  1. fabulous pictures!! i wish i wud niagra falls some day!!

    1. It's worth it....definitely go there for once!

  2. cute look! great pictures. love niagra falls

    Kiki Simone

  3. Beautiful pics! Love your dress :)


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