Debating : Take it or leave it !!!

I have been eying below Kate Spade handbags for quite long but have not been able to make my mind yet whether to go for it or not. These can bring instant chicness to any outfit whether formal or casual and are sure an investment kind of pieces.  May be I will wait for further reductions and then take plunge. What do you think?

Kate Spade "Battery Park City Ruthie" - Fresh Air

Love the color specially the name "Fresh air" so appropriate. Its available in other orange kind of color called "flame". I love the clean lines, structured shape, contrasted handles and above all the color.

An example of how I would use it :

Casual brunch Outfit

Kate Spade "Gold Coast Maryanne"

I already have a Kate Spade black goldcoast bag , an absolute favorite of mine. However, I am looking for a light colored handbag for all those formal events like interviews, meetings etc. where I can be formal with being prim and proper at the same time. This nude color bag fits the bill. It’s sturdy, roomy and beautiful. Moreover this is one of those bags one would cherish as they grow more. At least I will. I would pick this bag in 50's on my other funky bright colored ones. Just being me.

An example of how I would use it :

Casual Friday Outfit

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