4 week get healthy challenge - complete

Yay!!  I finished off my "Get Healthy in 4 Week"  challenge last week and pat on my back for following it to T with some amazing results(at least in my world).

My rules were pretty simple for a jump start and here are the results.

  • Eat a fruit per day - I ate two :)
  • Sleep on time - followed it too with exceptions of some late movie nights at home on weekends.
  • Drink lots of water - love the glow I have on my skin. It works.
  • Eat timely meals - One of main goals I worked on and it worked like a charm with little pre-planning. Result - I lost 3 pounds with no exercise :) I know I could have lost more with exercise but as of now this will do and am happy with it.

Being healthy is one of my top most priorities right now and it felt so good when I was able to stick to the rules all long. Though the rules I laid out for me were small but they definitely helped me out and motivated me to bring on some more. So watch out for something coming soon!!!

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  1. Lovely..m gonna try it too..!

    New Post Up

  2. These are great rules to follow. I follow some of these myself :)



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