Where was I?

Doing some NOT so needed work :)

When I created this blog, without thinking much, I used the simplest available format. No fancy touches, alignments or symmetry. It was a plain Jane kind of and I was in partial love with it in that way. So when hubs gave me his opinion on my blog last week, it made me thinking. According to him, blog was kind of plain from reader's point of view and to be precise "A newspaper".

So I put on my smarty pants and decided to change it on my own. Initially it seemed to be great and exciting idea but man! after a lot of hits and trials, approvals & disapproval, this design to that design, it didn't felt like that easy. To be honest, its hard to understand all that coding that goes in place to make it appealing. (Hats off!! To all the blog designers out there who designs such amazing masterpieces). One part of my mind was fighting with other, constantly arguing who was right. My right side was saying, no you should do and own it . Left side was saying you have all the resources available in world, just go and take the professional help. Why on earth you wanna do it when you are not good at it. After endless thoughts, I went with right side.

Why? Because this is my place where I share my thoughts so why not own every bit of it. In the end, I may or may not be successful but at least be satisfied that I tried. You know the feeling of I-know-nothing to I-know-something. 

So after few days of endless work and away from blogging, finally, the design I finalized is up and running. I am so happy it turned out to be something I was looking for. 

It's just so MEE.
Let me know what you think.

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