My most useful find : Key Clip

When I am out and about, I usually carry my whole world with me in handbag. Wallet, cards, Ipad, tissues, band aid etc.. You name it and I have it. Icing on the cake, hubs stuff too somehow find their ways in my bag so it becomes a giant family bag. Usually, my bag is fully organized but there is one thing that I always struggle with. Keys. I always keep my keys with other small items like lip balm; phone etc. in side pockets of bag. Usually small items always collide with each other and finding the home keys between all those small stuffs are my biggest challenge. I always find myself standing at apartment main door struggling with my bag to find the keys. (Does it happen with you too? or am I the only lousy one here).

Yesterday, I was at Bed Bath and Beyond & saw this wonderful accessory. Key Clip by Bobino. Without thinking too much I bought them and I am so happy that they turned out to be the best-needed item of mine. All I have to do is simply attach the clip to the inside border of the handbag and hang keys from it. My keys will never be lost again!

Bobino Key Clip in Neon color
My hoops&yoyo with chic neon key clip
aren't they cute.. I am thinking to get one more :)
P.S. I am not compensated or was asked to write about the key Clips. I bought these with my own money because I liked it.
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  1. A very very useful accessories :) I always lose my keys in my purse :D

  2. glad you found it useful too. Have a nice day.

  3. wow..this is soo cool..!
    i need to get some for myself too.

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    1. Get it!!! I totally recommend this. It's so sturdy and functional. Have a nice day ahead and thanks for stopping by.

  4. I have a similar thing, it's a chain <3 but really it's so practical!

    Much love! xx


  5. very cool..i am loving your food posts.

    cactus and cucumber


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