4 week get healthy challenge

Ash from thezars and Vidhya from thedailysequin came up with a wonderful idea of getting healthy. They launched a "4 Week Get Healthy Challenge" somewhere at the start of this month with a too good concept; "start small and move". You can pick whatever suits you the best and work towards it. Healthy challenge does not have any limitation or restriction of what so ever on what & how you want to achieve it. It can be anything starting from "sleeping at 11" or "shedding few pounds off" as long as it's healthy, positive and turns your life for better.

So when I asked Ash & Vidhya if I can join them, they were kind enough to involve me in this initiative of theirs. I joined this challenge sometime last week with some below small rules and basically followed them pretty much till now.

Eat one fruit a day (yay...am eating two these days)
Sleep on time (I usually sleep at 12 or 1 in night and up by 6 in morning. So working on it)
Eat timely meals (most needed for me. Most of the times I skip one or other meal)
Drink lots of water (going good on these too)

I have kept my challenge quite simple and easy as I wanted to first get into it and then gradually work on it. Even after this challenge ends, I am going to follow it with some more add on rules. So watch out. Are you up on any challenge lately?

P.S. You are most welcome to join us in being get healthy challenge if you like. Just let us know.
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  1. thanks for sharing dear would you like to follow each other? =)

  2. all the very best..your post is very motivational for me too....


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