Gotta Love Bath & Body Works

Happy Monday.

Bath and Body works was running an offer this weekend so I took advantage while out and about. It was a buy any three and get three offer from body care line so I brought some mist, candles and body lotions with me home. I am a diehard fans of fragrant candles and always buy them in abundance. I restrict myself on not to buy the full sized candles so that I can try variety of fragrances. Also, I hate to pile up stuff and buy these only when needed and impossible to pass. Initially I picked more body lotions than mist but by the time I was near the counter, it got opposite. The body mist were so good to pass. I also picked a mini of forever red without even trying it. I felt in love with that beautiful bow bottle. To be honest, I was over with the trying of lotions and mist after two to three as my smelling senses gave up and everything smelled same to me. I was covered in fragrance and was impossible to distinguish between the fragrances.  Does it happen with you too?

Few of my top favorites from the above. Try it once, you will love it.

Candle - Mahogany Teak wood - such a warm soothing wood fragrance.
Body lotion - Venice Dolce Berry - fresh berries fragrance, not so sweet and great lasting power.
Body Mist - Country Chic & Be Enchanted. - Country chic is kind of fresh and enchanted is romantic type.

Now I am dying to try their hand lotions and kitchen collections. They looked promising too. Have you tried it?

Thank you so much for reading!

P.S. Thanks to Ash from thezars for tips on beautiful pictures. She is an amazing blogger with an amazing visually appealing blog.

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